Covid-19 Contagion Tracing in the Environment

When someone is tested positive for Covid-19, they should be quizzed (assuming in adequate mental health) where their recent social contacts were, environmentally; these would be taken as the most likely source of contagion.
Questions should typically be: 1. Family member at home? 2. Healthcare visitor at home? 3. In a care home? 4. Hospital? 5.GP surgery? 6. Supermarket? 7. Chemist shop? 8. Public transport? 9. Out exercising/walking? etc, etc.

The data should be recorded on a national database.

Why the contribution is important

The information collected would enable the government to determine, where in society, the contagion is being propagated from. Might be different from city to city in Scotland. This would be used as input to the strategy for lifting lockdown.

Note that this is an environmental tracing strategy to complement, not replace TTIS, which operates on a personal basis.

by jimmcbride on May 05, 2020 at 09:35PM

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