COVID19 Self Test

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Have a start date for a huge group of people to completely self isolate for the relevant time for them to not see symptoms. Get everyone involved to confirm in writing that they have no symptoms, which surely means they don’t have COVID19. They can then start working, do it with the next group of people. Could make do it per industry and those people can only go to work and go home until we have zero cases. It would need honesty and cooperation but could work per industry, per company. If people that are around each other don’t have the virus then surely they won’t contract it. Unless they break rules outwith work. May be a bit far fetched but worth thinking or developing.

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Helps see who hasn’t got the virus and can’t get back to working This is just an idea until the vaccine is available.

by RMenzies11 on May 06, 2020 at 10:26PM

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