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It could still be a very long time until the vaccine is available to 95% of the population to bring herd immunity. Which means that this virus and concerns about another wave will be here to stay for now. Create an optional, comprehensive, online schooling system catering to all levels from primary one all the way through to university level. Open learning should be an option for children whose parents' working times can allow for it. This would help stagger returning to schools. All materials can be shared through the launched platform, by teachers, nation-wide. Even adults who lack education and qualifications but want to improve themselves could technically 'return to school' this way. Prospective students who wish to get a university degree without physically going to university and without needing to pay for the open university (which is not covered by SAAS) could do so this way. This new online education system would not replace all schooling, but provide an alternative, and become the new 'go to' for information, for parents, teachers, and students, effectively becoming the spine of the education system.

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This could help stagger schooling. This will support teachers with teaching materials. This will open up a world of opportunities for prospective students of all ages to enter/re-enter education at any level. This will collate all information regarding the learning content of the year/level/course in one place and available to all. In the long run, this simplifies everything.

by scotjs on May 07, 2020 at 02:47AM

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