Define a risk based role out plan for recreational activity / sport

Move beyond the current walk, run, cycle message by providing a framework for assessing other activities. For example: Level 0: Walk, Run, Cycle as now Level 1: Walk, Run, Cycle but with recognition that dispersing people out of towns and cities would reduced density and risk Level 2: Activities performed in isolation, or at 2+m distance (eg. Fishing, Golf, Canoe, Sailing, Hill walk, Tennis, mountain biking, etc) within households. Level 3: As per level 1 and 2 but perhaps allowing 2 households to meet. Level 4: Sports activities undertaken mostly on your own (>2m) where there is an organised event (some maximum size - like 50 ppl), provided there are good control measures, accurate records, extra hand sanitation, no spectators or communal gathering etc. e.g. Cycling Time Trials, Orienteering, Fell running, Cross Country Skiing, Dinghy Racing etc. Level 5: Training for small local team sports with no spectators (e.g. youth football, rugby, netball, hockey etc). Level 6: Competition between teams at Level 5; with minimal spectators all >2m Level 7: Larger sporting competitions between small teams but where all spectators >2m from each other Level 8: Larger sporting events (like 10k's, marathons, cycle races, normal downhill skiing etc) where there are "mass starts", and social distancing between large number of competitors is not possible; but where the spectators can be socially distanced. Level 9: Larger sporting competitions but where spectators cannot maintain a social distance And then gradually ramp these up (and down) over time as conditions/risk allows. Examples are purely illustrative.

Why the contribution is important

Physical and mental wellbeing is important. Activity is important. Beginning to get back to SOME sort of normality is important. Not all sporting activities are equivalent and there is a risk that we view all sport through either a mass spectator (e.g. SPL football) lens, or mass participation (e.g. Edinburgh Marathon Festival) lens - but both are extremes, and there are many very low risk grass routes activities that with good controls could resume at less risk than a jog through a congested park).

by pondering on May 08, 2020 at 03:19PM

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  • Posted by Eng48 May 08, 2020 at 15:57

    The principle is not unreasonable and I would like to see what Rules should be in place for each level - for example Level 0 - cycling, running etc - wearing of face coverings (exhalation and dispersion of air far greater than casual walk etc and in my experience social distancing not observed on busy routes where the public is, carrying of santizer or disinfectant to wipe down gates etc, for cyclists bells so at least you know they are coming - rarely do i see bells on bikes, not like old days of cycling proficiency
  • Posted by MaighstirTodt May 08, 2020 at 16:19

    Finally, a sensible idea that involves recreational sport, not just “ALLOW *insert recreational sport of choice* IT’S LOW RISK”. Well done.
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