Dentists need to reopen ASAP

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Dentists have basically closed during lockdown and are only dealing with "emergencies". However in my view, dentistry is primary care and just as important as GP's. People with low immune systems cannot chance getting infections that in their mouth that then may travel down into the rest of their bodies and potential cause much more harm. Dentists should be continuing to provide care as normal during lockdown.

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I know personally of a few people who have lost fillings during lockdown and was told by their dentist surgery that this is not emergency. However, this can lead to getting an abscess (which is classed as an emergency), which for some people could lead to more serious health issues. It seems to me not dealing with regular dentistry (fillings etc), is only going to cause bigger problems further down the road.

by RitchieHalley on May 07, 2020 at 03:44PM

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