Design Awards for Business and the Arts

An open competition with prizes in categories (eg Retail, Arts, Community) for design ideas to support business, the arts and community engagement post-lockdown. Best designs would be published and depending on practicality would be either exemplars for good practice in industries, or could be part funded for implementation. Proposals would be invited from the community at large, architects, designers and existing businesses for conceptual ideas for businesses,educational institutions, arts and community organisations which may need to redesign their premises or business model . Proposals would be particularly encouraged relating to sectors facing the biggest challenges – eg hospitality, leisure, adventure/ outdoor sports, environmental organisations, retail sectors, places of worship, schools colleges and universities. Best ideas in each sector could be highlighted as exemplars or templates To give an example the shops in our villages of Dunkeld and Birnam could collectively apply to have awnings constructed over the shop entrances to enable queuing and seating in a broader range of weather. Or they could establish collective outdoor covered space for people to eat and drink outside as in shopping malls). To give another local example our famous Dunkeld fish and chip shop could remodel their shop to have separate in and out doors to enable the queuing system. For both these grants I would suggest strong Scottish/ Green guidelines linked to national priorities around climate change, local produce, developing green tourism etc.

Why the contribution is important

Positive messaging around new ways of working, new priorities. Design templates which struggling businesses can adopt or adapt, reducing the costs and timescales for businesses and organisations to get operational again

by Bardin1 on May 11, 2020 at 10:44AM

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  • Posted by Acampbell314 May 11, 2020 at 21:51

    If we can use the necessity for changing the way we work, shop, socialise and in the process of changing promote new ideas to also be more environmentally aware then we have done a good job! We should not be going. Back to normal because if Covid doesn’t kill us climate change will kill our grandchildren and right now is the time to change that. I love the idea of awards because it gets people thinking outside the box and allows for ideas to be shared and grown!
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