Designated exercise/shopping days

Half the population could be prevented from mixing with the other half if people could only leave home for essentials/exercise on days defined by their house number. For example, anyone living in a house with an odd street number would be permitted to leave home on Mon/Wed/Fri. Anyone living in a house with an even street number would be permitted to leave home on Tues/Thurs/Sat. Homes without numbers would have to choose or be allocated days. Sundays could be reserved for key workers only.

Why the contribution is important

It would allow everyone designated days for exercise, shopping and eventually socialising. It would act as a firewall between (roughly) two halves of our population, thus limiting the spread of the virus. It would be easy to announce, require limited administrative support and would be easy to enforce (via drivers licences).

by Omalley on May 08, 2020 at 10:17AM

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  • Posted by DP May 08, 2020 at 10:31

    Nothing is easy to enforce as you would have to stop and challenge in the first place. You also assume that everyone has a driving licence which clearly isn't the case.
  • Posted by Sulphonamide May 08, 2020 at 11:48

    I can see where you are coming from, but it now feels like an unnecessary addition to the suffocating feeling of "lockdown". Left to market forces (if we weren't hemmed in by the interpretation of the rules and the closing of the carparks at woodlands etc) there is plenty of room for us all, and many (most...I could be wrong here) people will already have adjusted their shopping times to avoid the crowds (9.30 p.m. seems pretty effective). If we had done this on Day 1 then maybe it would have made sense, but perhaps feels too late for it to be really useful - or for it to be part of a much wider loosening (e.g. if you tell me that I can only go to the mountains on a Saturday and not a Sunday then you have my attention!).
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