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Before you start to release the Lockdown, can you develop - in open consultation - detailed plans for each phase of unlocking. We do not need a timetable, but we do need to know as soon as possible definite rules for each phase of unlocking for each type of business and personal activity.

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I am responsible for an office-based business, so we need to know in as much detail as the eventual guidance what we will have to do at each Phase of re-opening the office. We understand that you cannot give a timetable for this, but over the next couple of weeks we really need a task group to develop what the guidance will be for the first phase of unlocking, and for each and every subsequent phase. Then we can plan and put practical arrangements in place, ready to respond when the Government does think it is safe to make changes. At the moment everyone, in every business setting, is just guessing what the guidance might be, which is a waste of a lot of time and energy.

by Citizen1963 on May 07, 2020 at 03:26PM

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  • Posted by AlisonM May 07, 2020 at 22:36

    Having a number of phases described would be helpful. We can even accept that it may be necessary to revert back to an earlier phase if the number of cases begin to rise again. If we've shown anything, it's that we will comply if we understand the reasons and they are there for the good of all.
  • Posted by LadyDriver May 08, 2020 at 11:12

    New Zealand has a system of 4 alert levels with more restrictions the higher the level announced. These detail how much movement is allowed and what facilities and businesses can remain open at the various levels. The text might be small but the list of measures relevant for each level fits in one A4 page. Different regions can operate different levels within the country and you can go up or down the levels according to the reaction / progress. It seems clear and easy to understand - my auntie is looking forward to “hopefully moving to level 3 next week “. This allows people to learn what’s expected of them well before the measures are imposed thus reducing stress and hopefully therefore greater compliance. I see that Scot Gov understands the importance of clear communication, despite some media attempts to create alternative agendas, jump to conclusions and muddy the waters. A one page checklist would be helpful for many.
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