Different plan for different regions

It is clear that some areas / regions of Scotland are impacted more.by Covid-19.
The concern for region which are not currently impacted is that control mechanism such as lockdown will not be implemented when lockdown is removed. Regions which have experienced very low number of cases should be permitted to have current restriction slowly lifted. Controls such as postcode / address evidence can be used to ensure individuals from outwith regions are it visiting or accessing lower restrictions.

Why the contribution is important

It is highly unlikely that restriction will be put back in if an area which currently has minimal cases and a low population will be out back in lockdown as a country. For example Dumfries and Galloway has very few cases and huge capacity available within the hospital.
The region does not have the population to demand a lock down for the whole of Scotland should they be impacted in a second wave and therefore allowing the region to move slowly out of restriction would mean that any second wave in the region might be experienced when restrictions are still in place for Scotland.
Economically it would be disastrous if the region was locked down when the rest of the country resumed. A lockdown to a region it's own would not be a fair if there is no flexibility being applied now. Other regions of Scotland are being treated as one nation due to central belt numbers and not on regional numbers.

by andrewmarkreed on May 11, 2020 at 09:54PM

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