Disability equality in employment

There has never been a better opportunity for society to understand the meaning of disability equality. The difficulties faced by employers and employees in making arrangements for getting back to work, when the time is right, is a feature of the news every day. It should be remembered that disabled employees face additional barriers. Risk assessments have been given a high profile in the discussions around returning to work. However, for disabled employees there is an additional process - consideration of reasonable adjustments. These processes are not mutually exclusive but should be undertaken together. Employers should not discriminate against employees on health and safety grounds, nor should they treat disabled employees less favourably because their working conditions and arrangements place them at a disadvantage. They have a duty under the Equality Act to take steps to remove the barriers which disabled people face in the workplace. For too long some employers have ignored their responsibilities or paid lip-service to the law at work. It is essential to remove the negative effects that the environment and working conditions have upon impairments by putting appropriate measures in place. If, as a society, we can develop an understanding of the needs of others then some good will come out of this crisis and we will begin to develop equality of opportunity for all.

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We must take the opportunities which the covid pandemic presents us with and take steps to build a better and more equitable society.

by snail on May 11, 2020 at 05:10PM

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  • Posted by SusieG May 11, 2020 at 17:23

    It is always difficult for those not exposed to disability on a daily basis to struggle to understand the frustration and anxiety that others face. The current situation is forcing people to think about their actions and the way they do things. There is the ability to build inclusivity into all responses from the very start rather than seeking to retrofit later. Consider disability inclusiveness in all messaging.
  • Posted by ashleyrhona May 11, 2020 at 19:29

    In my experience it has been true that some companies pay lip service to disability equality. My fear is that those with a disability will be treated in a more negative manner than ever. Some people with disabilities are shielding while with other it is not necessary - can the government consider what information has to be shared with employers, the fear is that the employers will evidence on why someone needs to shield. Is it possible that a email/letter stating that person X has to be shielded until Y with no further information that can be shared with their employer?
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