disabled person's Blue Badge eligibility to include high at-risk group

Relax the blue badge criteria to include people with physical impairments but who also fall into the high at-risk group of contracting serious illness from coronavirus.

This could be people who have long-term health conditions but whose mobility impairment may not be severe enough to fulfill existing criteria. This would allow them to avoid using public transport, spend less time in streets/public places and generally staying safer whilst out and about.

I propose an additional category for eligibility for people with suppressed immune systems or other criteria which make them more vulneable to infection.

Why the contribution is important

Blue Badge eligibility criteria are very pigeonholed and require ticking boxes in one particular category. People can have physical impairments which on their own are not severe enough to qualify for a blue badge. However, if such people also have other conditions (e.g. a suppressed immune system) then this would allow them to get out and about more safely.

by BnB on May 11, 2020 at 09:58PM

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