I am living alone as my husband lives and works in Saudi Arabia to save money to try to make a better life for us both. I cannot travel to be with him nor can he travel home to see me. I am lonely and isolated and have just read that if and when he is allowed to get a flight home he will be QUARANTINED FOR 14 DAYS !!! This is nothing short of mental torture - I want to spend time with my husband when he comes home - NOT HIM HAVING TO SPEND HIS LEAVE IN QUARANTINE - this is absolutely appalling that the government would suggest this move - I am disgusted and ashamed to call myself a UK citizen if my country would put in place draconian measures keeping husbands and wives apart - PLEASE ALLOW MY HUSBAND TO COME HOME FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS THAT WE CAN ENJOY TOGETHER - RATHER THAN PUTTING HIM UNDER A FURTHER LOCKDOWN

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by daz7067 on May 08, 2020 at 11:08PM

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  • Posted by Pensionaccess May 09, 2020 at 09:56

    Sorry but your lifestyle plan based on higher earnings and financial gain is a personal choice and can not be used as a reason to risk our lives and our livelihoods. Personally, I have mixed views on the 14 day self isolation and I suspect it will be broken by many. Compared to other countries our lockdown had been relatively light. Despite this, I know more people who break the rules than conform (including Drs) If isolation on the way into the country is considered needed then it should be enforced, perhaps using the many currently empty airport hotels. If introduced it must be for all, with the possible limited exception of front line staff. Lorries/ containers coming into uk should be left at ports for uk resident drivers to bring into uk from there. Not sure of the point of the rule though as I’m sure they won’t apply to the flight crews and so far from water tight. If the 14 day rule is introduced, as looks likely, perhaps you and your husband can meet in a 3rd country that doesn’t have the rule. You of course would then have to quarantine on your return.
  • Posted by happyjolucky May 09, 2020 at 10:09

    Within the global tragedy of the crisis are all of these small personal hurts as well. So many heat breaking stories, but of course the worst are of those families who have lost loved ones. Reducing the death toll must remain the priority. I really feel for your predicament, but I think if a vaccine is not found, quarantining will become a necessary part of travel. That said, I don't see why there couldn't be a caveat where you could be with him during the quarantine too. You would have to both be isolated, but this could be in your home. As long as you didn't visit shops or see other people during this time I think it would be okay.
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