Do not reopen schools - pupils, teachers, staff and parents at risk.

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You cannot socially distance within a school building. I have been helping out at the local hub every single week and P6 children cannot stay apart from one another let alone the younger children. Gentle reminders about social distancing and explaining it as much as possible... the children still do not understand and it’s not their fault. Children are supposed to interact and play. I am a teacher of a P4-7 composite class and would be interested to know how schools are expected to reopen to P7 children. Do I still carry out online learning with the rest of the children in my class as well as teach P7 during the day?

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My idea is important because people are arguing that children do not suffer as much as adults. What about staff and parents who are pregnant, vulnerable or caring for people at home? Is this really the safest option? To send children back to school prematurely? I am also saddened to read such hateful comments about teachers when most of us have been in hubs every week and delivering free school meals to our most vulnerable children at their home whom we care about deeply. We have also been navigating online learning and I think the quality of what is being sent home has opened people’s eyes to the many failing of the Scottish curriculum. Something that teachers have been shouting loud about for years. Teachers have not been gunning for schools to be closed. Schools were closed because they were deemed unsafe to remain open.

by Ccc1 on May 06, 2020 at 10:15AM

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