Don’t rush!

As much as I completely understand the need to return to school for the workforce to get back to some normality, please consider all of the school staff!! Many staff have underlying conditions so cannot work therefore staff will be reduced and stressed trying to provide a service without the numbers! Please also consider the school day and school buildings...playtimes and lunchtimes are unmanageable with social distancing. Many old buildings are not fit for purpose as it stands without social distancing restrictions. Consider the mental health and well-being of those staff trying to keep children apart! My thoughts all along were that this was a little rushed. My preference would have been pausing the school year and restarting when it is safe to do so. So if it’s safe to have a phased return in August do that with the possibility of starting a new school year in January. If everyone is in the same boat, take this opportunity to change it! From nursery to FE...we’re all in this together! Nursery children will not be ready to start school in August, get them back to nursery till Christmas and start p1 in January. P7 will not be ready to start high school in August; go back to finish second level and start high school in January. Exams could have been postponed and sat in November after revision sessions aug-Dec. As a school leader, who would want a NQT who was doing post grad and passed with only half a years training?? Go back, finish the course and start the job in January! This is an opportunity to reinvigorate the school year. An opportunity to stop and take a breath and consider what’s important in education. Don’t rush, pause everything, consider, restart when safe to do so. Stop the tokenism home learning; it’s stressful for staff and parents. Take the time to create a meaningful home learning experience now so that if a phased return in August means time at home, have something ready to provide learners with.

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This is important for all levels of education. It’s important for families. It’s important for staff and learners. Teachers are currently being asked to do something they can’t. Many are getting minimal engagement which is soul destroying. Many families feel harassed with texts and emails reminding them of home learning. Pause it all!! Furlough education, use the saving for additional social work to ensure vulnerable families receive support. At the moment support staff and clerical staff are on full pay but not having a job to do. Save the 20% on their wages and put it to use to support families or to ICT to ensure those who don’t have tech at home have it for August.

by RubyRoo on May 07, 2020 at 07:24AM

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  • Posted by JLaw May 07, 2020 at 10:27

    This idea shows how many things have to be considered. Hopefully those involved in consultation with Deputy First Minister about schools etc are able to hear ideas from those most closely involved, and also feed back ideas being discussed so that everyone feels included. Also we should really be considering how to provide suitable ICT equipment for all children and young people who need it.
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