Don't go back - go forward

Please can we have some firm focus at SG level on how to create a new future for Scotland? One that continues what many people have learned from the lockdown experience. One with fewer car journeys, more family time, less consumerism, a more circular economy, more walking, a greater sense of community, more flexible working, more wildlife, and so on and on. Please gather a new group of scientists - social scientists, economists, educationalists, etc - to come up with big ideas about how to restart Scotland with the goal of making people happier while keeping them physically well. Focus future investment on delivering wellbeing - in communities, in broadband connectivity, in renewable energy, in free electric bicycles! Ask us not how we want to go back: ask how we want to go forward.

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This crisis has stopped us in our tracks. Many have suffered terribly. Let's not make that suffering pointless - let's find a golden lining so that suffering is not in vain.

by LesleyWisemanOrr on May 07, 2020 at 07:22AM

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