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When the number of active cases is considered to be small enough, the R number is well below 1 for a sustained period, testing is widely available and contract tracing is being conducted on all confirmed cases, - All non-essential businesses and services should be allowed to re-open where social distancing can be maintained. Each commercial property should show the maximum number of people allowed at any one time and should monitor this to ensure social distance is maintained between different groups of people and also between staff. - Use of technology should be encouraged for purchases and also for example using public transport to prevent unnecessary contact with workers. - Football and other sports should continue when teams have been tested, fans should be allowed to attend in family groups whilst following social distancing / around 30% of seats can be used only. Aways fans should be banned / discouraged to travel far from their homes. - Face masks should be encouraged and should be mandatory in areas where it is more difficult to maintain social distance. - People should continue to be encouraged to work from home where possible and employers should be encouraged to allow this and Government should help businesses set this up where required. - Universal basic income should be investigated further and the impact this would have had on the economy if it was already in place prior to the crisis. - Mental health services should be increased tenfold to support the very many people in need of professional help. - State should aim support at individuals not just businesses make sure the money gets to our most vulnerable. - Encourage / offer grants to more community projects to safely help out the vulnerable with shopping, medicines and other necessities. Even just a chat can help people. If we want to build a new normal is must include the base principle of people looking out for one another, caring for one another and ensuring that no one in your community suffers alone.

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Allows life to get to a new normal, businesses are open the economy is moving. Social distance is key until a vaccine can be found and mass produced

by Marc on May 06, 2020 at 08:37AM

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  • Posted by kezzy08 May 06, 2020 at 09:23

    NO No No, it needs to be kept until we are absolutely sure Ro has dropped to almost zero
  • Posted by AHunter May 06, 2020 at 20:30

    Open up public transport - at the moment only car owners and essential workers can travel.
  • Posted by ennovy May 07, 2020 at 10:00

    Restore ALL public transport to pre Lockdown! Buses are not the problem. Introduce seat blocking, sanitiser, contactless payment preferred. Public Transport is in danger. Many users, following media coverage which graphs how usage has dropped and appears to suggest this is a good thing in limiting spread, may be reluctant to return to bus usage. If they then choose to use cars there will be more traffic/pollution in our cities.
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