Ease the Lockdown

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The lockdown should and can be eased with caution. This could be done by:

- Distributing face masks that should be mandatory to wear when in enclosed public places.
- Maintain social distancing when in public.
- Increase the level of testing to identify new cases and improve our understanding of high risk groups.
- Implement contact tracing to contain any new outbreaks quickly.
- Implement three risk categories; high risk, carers for high risk categories, rest of the population. Manage the risks of these three categories separately.

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I believe this is the fairest approach to ending the lockdown as it manages the risk posed by coronavirus. Life inherently carries risk which we manage continuously, think that when you cross the road you always look but there is a chance you may be struck by a rouge driver. With coronavirus there is a balance to be struck between managing the risk posed and allowing people to live their lives.

It is not an effective measure to indefinitely lockdown healthy people. It causes harm to the economy and people's wellbeing. By implementing proactive measures that allow people to manage the risk, it would give people the option leave their homes for more extended periods, return to the office if they want and to see loved ones all while respecting social distancing.

by frasermackay on May 06, 2020 at 11:41AM

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