Eased openings of all non-essential retail

Allow a wide range of shops to start trading using 'appointment only' and click and collect procedures only. This allows a gentle, measured and safe start to trading for range of non-essential stores. Monitor for 3 week period and relax further if appropriate.

Why the contribution is important

- does not limit to one type of retail (garden centres only good for those with gardens, what about non-essential needs of others?) - allows safe re-introduction of non essential retail - prevents queuing - allows businesses to test trade under social distancing measures - protects staff - safer shopping environments - avoids unnecessary travel (for example, going to a store and leaving again due to queues) - can help businesses control stock supply/demand Possibility even for shielding appointment slots to allow the more vulnerable to still experience some things at much less risk.

by Scotswede on May 08, 2020 at 11:27PM

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