Easing Golf back in.

There was a lot of good measures already put in place, prior to lock down, which enabled golfers to play safely, raised cups, no rakes in bunkers, access to bathrooms only etc, these things should obviously remain in place for the foreseeable future.

But when golfing is allowed again, there will inevitably be a surge in people wanting to play, even from people who are not members of clubs or have not played for a very long time and will want to do it, as a different option for exercise.

In my opinion and just to begin with, say 6 weeks to begin with (no science behind that figure), Golf clubs should be opened up in stages, where only current members are allowed play, no rounds of golf permitted to non-members at all. This would ease the inevitable surge that will happen when play can resume and ensure less pressure on Courses to have sufficient gaps in tee times, to allow social distancing to be adhered too.

In addition to this, for example, at my local course they have Ladies mornings and evenings, as they do with Seniors. Rather than just have half days here and there, perhaps have dedicated days for Ladies, Seniors and then the other days for all members. Just to begin with, phasing the sport in gradually to allow courses to manage the situation, as best they can, while protecting the vulnerable.

Then after a certain period of time, where the initial surge has eased and courses have established good practices in keeping people safe, then start taking in non-members and perhaps putting the previous schedules back into place, if the Golf clubs so wish and people won't be put at risk.

I don't think the lock down golfing measures can be lifted, without some kind of "policing" of the inevitable surge of people wanting to play. That's just my idea.

Why the contribution is important

Peoples health, safety and well being.

Helping smaller local clubs who rely heavily on members, non-members and business sponsorship to stay open for business, the longer they stay closed, the more chance they will lose sponsorship and maybe have to close.

by Rickymoonshine on May 09, 2020 at 02:29PM

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  • Posted by SteveR57 May 09, 2020 at 14:45

    Bigger fish to fry!
  • Posted by healthytrees May 09, 2020 at 14:54

     I would have thought Golf Clubs could open very soon as it seems the perfect situation for fresh air and exercise.
    The use of golf carts would not be allowed due to social distancing. Many golfers, therefore, would get even more exercise than usual, on the golf course.
    Also the clubhouse could only be open for toilets, initially, refreshment areas could be opened up at a later date, perhaps?
  • Posted by Dougie59 May 09, 2020 at 16:10

    Was walking my dog on a golf course this morning. Many people doing the same thing. Everyone was observing social distancing and this would also be the same for golfers. Clubs already have systems in place to enforce this. Would be happy if it was limited to 1 or 2 players per tee off time. Wouldn't be any problem with golfers accepting other distancing rules.
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