Easing of restrictions

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To improves quality of life and people’s mental health there should be a modest easing / interpretation of restrictions.
1. News reports mentioned some people sunbathing in parks in Glasgow although they did appear to be maintaining a safe distance from others. Many of these people will have been confined to flats and apartments for weeks and not everyone is keen on physical exercise therefore I believe this is something that should be allowed provided a safe distance is maintained.
2. Physical exercise and access to open spaces is critical for the wellbeing of many therefore some consideration should be given to allowing people to travel modest distances for exercise. I believe this can be accommodated within the existing legislation i.e. exercise should be longer than travel also it is easier to maintain distancing within large open spaces.
3. In terms of retail outlet as a first phase only a very few retail premises should be allowed to open and these whilst ensuring safe distancing these should be small retailers first and those which add to quality of life perhaps, bookshops and cafes. Cafes with outside space may be the first to open allowing them to expand that space in agreement with Local Authority.
4. Return to work should only be allowed where safe distancing, cleansing measures are in place and more significant penalties should be introduced to employers who do not adhere to these measures.
5. It would appear that many people have tired of the current restrictions and enforcement is going to become increasingly challenging therefore some easing will help to ensure that the most important elements of safe distances and cleaning are followed by the majority.
6. Not everyone’s mental health is assisted by being allowed to exercise, many people dislike physical exercise, therefore allowing more time away from home at work visiting small retailers / cafes as per above etc. would help these people greatly.

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It is important to ensure continued majority support for the most important health measures, to aid mental health and to allow parts of the economy to restart.

by EwanW on May 07, 2020 at 12:42PM

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