Easing of things

heres what I think we can do over first few weeks, to ease things with minimal additional cases

Open parks, beaches, National trust outdoor parts, open air spaces. have friendly but clear notices to remind about social distancing. For multi touch things, gates etc, provide sanitizer or suggest that we all carry some about so can wash hands etc

allow people out to exercise more, allow people to drive a set time/distance from home. say 30 mins maybe. so that people can travel and enjoy new surroundings but not go out of the local area.

in July august - allow people to travel further and stay over, so can have week holiday in other parts of Scotland. keep 2m rules, think about how a holiday home could be cleansed between different families staying. Tech must exist.

Why the contribution is important

moving forward we need to enjoy the outdoors more, its all healthy and good for the soul, To get Scotlands economy going, we get Scots to spend in Scotland.

by Designingjohn75 on May 06, 2020 at 04:24PM

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