Economical recovery dependant on childcare

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Opening the economy gradually or otherwise will be a moot point without those working having the opportunity to have children return to childcare.

Retail, construction, health and beauty; all industries, are held up by working people and working people cannot work without children back in schools or childcare settings.

Telling workers to return to work where they can is ambiguous, employers will use this to their advantage and this will put those with children at risk of losing income, or even their jobs perpetuating the cycle of reliance on a complicated, dysfunctional benefits system which is already pushed to breaking point.

We have to start from the ground up. Given medical and scientific evidence suggest that the virus has a very clear target group and that is not young children, where it is safe to do so the reintroduction of childcare will be what kick starts the economy as without it, who can work?

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If the economy is to thrive, and to bounce back, the workers who make industry happen must be able to have the support in place to return to work, not just a notice to return.

Employees with children who cannot return due to childcare will be penalised, it’s also discriminatory. Parents are already struggling working from home due to fear of penalty from work, and homeschooling full time and to be told to return to work without adequate framework in place for support would be beyond reproach.

by Jwood88 on May 07, 2020 at 12:53PM

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