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As a parent on 2 higher ability children I find this situation unbearably stressful. Online resources sent by teachers are not differentiated enough so my children are learning anything new. Much of the work seems to be set to fill in the day with stuff to do. Teachers may not be subject specialists when it comes to teaching their own children, but at least they SHOULD know the principles of teaching and thus be able to find appropriate resources to enable and empower their children to learn. Unlike those of us who are not so lucky, as we are scrabbling around in the dark trying to find resources to encourage our children to retain an interest in learning, when they are being provided with work from the class teacher that they could do at the beginning of this academic session. One child already does not want to return to school because I (untrained and floundering!) provide him with much more interesting work to do! What does this say about his teacher, who is supposed to be a professional, and has the luxury of undertaking ongoing professional development to maintain and improve their standard of teaching? LAs and councils need to see beyond the silo thinking that marks so much of what they do and think about their residents, the parents and most importantly the children that they are obliged to provide with an 'excellent' education. LAs should be sharing with ALL other LAs and ALL other establishments in Scotland anything that can make this unbearable situation slightly easier for the majority of us who are floundering to teach our children at home. We MUST see this as an opportunity to change how we approach learning and teaching, to remove the traditional attitudes and the lethargy of the minority of teaching staff which plague our schools, especially in secondary, and to improve our education system for the better.

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This is an unprecedented time but ALSO an opportunity to challenge the traditional thinking, lethargy and entitlement of the teaching profession. I believe that LAs could and should be made to share and work closely together. The Regional Improvement Collaboratives introduced recently are a joke and are not used in the spirit they were intended by LAs.

by KJF on May 10, 2020 at 08:21PM

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  • Posted by JohnMorton May 10, 2020 at 20:48

    Good comment, however there seems to be a great variety of methods at the moment. I believed that teachers were doing online teaching via Zoom or similar however I know of many that are just Emailing or photocopying handouts for children. I do think some schools could make a staggered return , especially smaller schools. There was no evidence of transmission in schools prior to lockdown so how does the scientific evidence say the opposite now?
  • Posted by cbellat May 10, 2020 at 21:53

    I agree with the challenging traditional thinking. Steiner schooling is a great model. No evidence of transmission in schools because there was no testing proof prior to lockdown. I'm convinced it's been in my childs school since Dec/Jan. I was extremely ill for 6 weeks, started on Feb 6th, with all the symptoms. It was dreadful. Provided after school care for one of my childs friends who started uncontrollably coughing with fever. Other mothers were ill, everyone just thinking it was a winter virus.
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