Electric vehicles: our legacy?

Increase the incentives to switch to an electric vehicle and make this our legacy from COVID-19

Why the contribution is important

The lockdown has given us a unique opportunity to see the impact on air quality of a large drop in the use of motor vehicles - somewhere around 40-50% in U.K. cities and towns. Rather than just "going back to normal" when the lockdown is eased or ended, I suggest we ramp up the incentives for us to switch to an electric vehicle when we next change or first acquire a vehicle. Easing the lockdown with this (and other lifestyle changes we've experienced and like) built into our plan for going forward would be one of the best legacies of COVID-19 and one we will be proud to tell our children and grandchildren about.

by David1 on May 06, 2020 at 10:21AM

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