Employer Responsibility for Childcare

Put the onus on employers to provide childcare for their employees. This can be in the same facility they have always attended, especially if working from home, or else in a new facility, but it is their responsibility to ensure that safe childcare is available and subsidised (to allow for those who had been using grandparents). The government would need to subsidise the scheme to a large extent.
An alternative scheme would need to be found for those who are self-employed.
It would mean that the childcare could be tailored to people's actual working hours, which are likely to need a large degree of flexibility going forward in order to allow for social distancing.
It also creates large-scale employment opportunities in childcare to boost the economy.

Why the contribution is important

Millions of families rely on grandparents and other relatives for childcare. If this is no longer available then they cannot return to work. It should be assumed that any parent who is working; male or female, requires childcare and that this is a minimum requirement when taking on someone.

by Rachaelcc on May 08, 2020 at 08:36AM

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