Employment rights

Ensuring employers limit the amount of travel being undertaken by staff post covid to ensure a reduced risk of a further spike.

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In many cases, particularly for office workers, this pandemic has shown that we don't all need to be jumping in our cars, on buses or trains every morning to be in the office at a certain time in order to do a good job. Our family quality time has improved immeasurably, with time to play with kids and cook fresh meals. We need to seize this opportunity as it not only improves our physical health but also our mental health. I'm concerned that when the lockdown is gradually eased, many employers will go back to a BAU situation, when in fact many employees can continue to work from home and provide the same (and even improved) level of output without the stresses and strains of travel, social distancing and environmental impact. We all know there will be employers out there who will tell everyone "lockdown is over, time to get back to the office", and these employers put everyone at real risk. Legislation needs to be passed that will ensure, if someone can work from home, then they should do so. It will improve social distancing, contact tracing, mental health, environment and family life immeasurably.

by ElinorRoss on May 07, 2020 at 09:02AM

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