End The Lockdown

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The consequences of the lockdown are now more damaging to citizens mental & financial health , outweighing the limited benefits. In line with most other countries around the world, we should be reopening schools and starting the process of returning life to normal and allowing citizens to manage their own risk appropriately, rather than having a bureaucracy tell us , based on very limited statistical evidence. I have more faith in individuals than the government seems to have.

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The sooner we exit the medical lockdown the sooner we get back to normal and get back control of our own life . The non Covid health issues are resulting in more than usual deaths due to the decisions taken by the Scottish government and the Scottish NHS. This needs to be stopped urgently. We also need to mitigate the mental health issues that will result from increasing financial hardship, unemployment and continuing restrictions to our human rights.

by GordonM on May 06, 2020 at 04:25PM

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