End the lockdown

We need to end the lockdown now. It seems coronavirus is the only illness the Scottish Government is concerned about. Nevermind that routine cancer screening has been postponed, or mental health services scaled back. Doctors and nurses on the tv giving interviews saying how exhausted they are so people are now too scared to contact their GP's or go straight to A&E. The effects of this lockdown will affect more people than will die with coronavirus. Suicide, Domestic killings inside homes, a rise in cancer deaths later due to delayed diagnosis, the list is endless. Nicola keeps saying she wants to speak to us like adults. She keeps spouting that she's making her decisions based on scientific data. Well show us the data and let us adults make up our own minds. Also are we looking at scientific data from other countries. In Switzerland scientists have said children can hug their grandparents. So who is right the Swiss or us? The majority of people who catch coronavirus have little to no symptoms. I understand the elderly and sick will be affected more, but these people are also more affected every year with seasonal flu or the winter vomiting bug. There is evidence now that a patient had coronavirus in France in December. This patient hadn't travelled outside their local area for weeks, so they contracted inside France so that means it had been brought in to France around end November. I would like to think there is then a high degree of probability that it was then somewhere in Britain around then too. For anyone saying we cant risk a second wave, what's to say we arent going through the second wave now. It had been floating around us at Christmas and New Year when we are packed into restaurants and bars and visiting family and friends then died down in January when we are all skint and the weather is miserable and we stay in, then once February comes and we have more money again and start eating out, valentines day etc its resurfaced. Its heartbreaking to see my only son in tears every night as he misses his friends and school. And it's even more heartbreaking to know he is the one that will be financially paying for this in taxes for his entire working life. Whats the point of lockdown prolonging life when none of us is having any quality of life. Treat us like adults Nicola, open everything back up and let us decide if we want to take the risk of hugging our grandparents, sending kids to school, having a haircut or meeting friends for a coffee.

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We all need a hug

by lindyloo on May 05, 2020 at 08:19PM

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  • Posted by Kylesku May 05, 2020 at 21:40

    Sweden has no lockdown & lower infection & death rates than Scotland.

    'nuff said.
  • Posted by Lyzzy33 May 06, 2020 at 00:32

    I absolutely agree that we should be ending lockdown and given back the decision of choosing how we live our lives and having our freedom of choice. If people have the facts but CHOSE to live life than isolate that is their decision, it would then be up to individuals to chose if they socialised with those putting themselves at risk or to isolate from society. I never thought we would lose our freedom of choice and our rights to chose. Where are my human rights in all this??
  • Posted by user321 May 06, 2020 at 21:13

    Absolutely agree with this.
    Many countries who have not imposed lockdown restrictions have lower deaths/1M than those who have. The current strategies have already cause irreversible damage to the economy and the longer this continues, the worse it will get and the more people will die as a consequence.
    We are being treated like children and our basic human rights are being removed, as many of us sit back and allow it to happen. We must have the freedom to choose our own level of socialisation.
  • Posted by CrocDundee May 06, 2020 at 22:41

    Yes agree. If people need to isolate, or wish to isolate, then they are welcome to do this. Very strange we are accepting the nanny state is imposing this on all. Unfortunately there are many examples of similar over-controlling political influences in the UK.

    Empowering people to use their judgement and learn practices that can reduce the R factor effectively would seem a more mature approach. Educate us all and trust us all.
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