Enforce mandatory vaccination

If and when a vaccine is discovered, and proven to be effective and safe, the Scottish government should mandate its use for everyone. The anti-vax movement should not be allowed to undermine all of the sacrifices that have been made so far. Issue a vaccination certificate and: ban children from school/nursery/childcare settings; put a hold on benefits; stop NHS treatment etc. for anyone who cannot produce a certificate (and has no valid excuse) following a reasonable amount of time after the vaccine is available. Until a vaccine is found, a positive information campaign regarding vaccines in general could counter their rhetoric.

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The anti-vax movement have been quiet on COVID-19 so far, but expect them to be more vocal as soon as a vaccine is found. They are dangerous and we need to get ahead of them.

by Jkerr on May 08, 2020 at 07:25AM

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  • Posted by mina412 May 11, 2020 at 17:56

    I am not anti- vaccination, however I do not want to be forced to have a rushed vaccination. Reason being I have an autoimmune condition which can result in me having an extremely high antibody count. I do not know whether a Covid-19 vaccine would have an adverse effect on myself or not. I am not a doctor. Unfortunately, there seems to be no research done on the effect of vaccines on people suffering from autoimmune conditions of which there are about 250 of said conditions approximately. I had an extremely adverse reaction to a flu vaccination about five years ago now, I have not had one since. I was ill for three weeks and felt I was never going to recover. I did report it to the Yellow Card Scheme. I also am acquainted with people who have allergies and some of these people do have the flu vaccine each year. They have to receive the vaccine whilst attending the hospital, incase they have an adverse reaction to it. In some cases this is because the person has an allergy to eggs, some people with allergies or other health issues cannot have the flu vaccine at all. For various medical reasons it would be folly to vaccinate people indiscriminately. We are all completely different, with different allergies or none and everyone has totally different reactions to prescribed medicine. One size does not fit all. The vaccine needs to be properly researched and above all safe. No one should be made to have a compulsory vaccination. For me personally, I want to see evidence of the research, the testing and most of all safety. I also want to know what is in the vaccine. We do not want health or lives put at risk with a rushed vaccine.
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