Ensure accurate and up to date evidence is relayed to the public

I think the government and FM really should make an effort to be very transparent and relay to the public what specific studies and “evidence” they refer to at certain points of argumentation.

Just as an example when arguing for/against any restrictions impacting or justified by the safety of children, children transmission rates and school closures/reopening the government could easily link or point to regularly updated reviews by the DFTB-team (don’t forget the bubbles). Hereby, in this example, the public could be informed that children are mostly unaffected, transmission from children to others is less likely and similar findings supported by the available evidence.

Why the contribution is important

Such an approach would let the public understand the rationale behind decisions and restrictions. The public would also be shown very clearly which restrictions and actions are not based on solid evidence but instead mainly driven by fears and/or politics since high quality evidence would in those situations be lacking.

by Gustavlinder on May 07, 2020 at 04:23PM

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  • Posted by Benthelobey May 07, 2020 at 16:43

    Well said! Recent news of a further 3 weeks lockdown is a lost opportunity. When will it be safe enough to lift and on what basis/data is the current decision based?
    The UK government have charts showing the decreasing deaths in UK, so if overall they are reducing and as a proportion Scotland’s aren’t then they must be remaining at the same level or increasing – a clear failure of the Scottish government in my view.
    Where have the similar charts from the Scottish government gone showing trends – all I see are numbers and no rolling average charts! We are told transparency is key but I don’t see it in the stats we are given or know on what clear basis this further lockdown decision has been taken.
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