Ensure Control measures and allow activity’s and business to resume

H&S is in place not to stop you doing things but to make that activity safer and the risks as low as reasonably practical (alarp). It seems to me that carte- blanche ban approach is rife for being abused. If the appropriate control measures are in place ( ie social distancing, ppe etc) the the population should be able to conduct that activity. Walking, cycling, fishing, golf etc all fall into this category and if business can demonstrate control measures are in place they should be able to open. If supermarkets can do this then the risk from a garden centre, for instance, should be able to be managed. We are all fully aware of the risks and the steps we need to take to avoid infection, I for one just want to be treated like an adult instead of being dictated to all the time.

Why the contribution is important

To encourage a phased return to normality for the social, economic and mental well-being of the country.

by RickT on May 05, 2020 at 03:52PM

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