Ensure that our glorious parks are properly funded

Parks and greenspaces are key to keeping us, the citizens happy and healthy. Health and wellbeing are core to what parks deliver. With those lovely , lush greenspaces having so much space it makes absolute sense to re-open them so that people can hear the birds, feel the breeze and get some important sun. Social distancing is easy in our parks. In order to ensure that we have these civilising spaces going forward the Scottish Government must now provide separate, ringfenced funding to local council's to keep parks and greenspaces properly maintained and developed to meet the needs and aspirations of citizens.

Why the contribution is important

We all need parks, this is why the Victorian's and Edwardian's provided them.....they were borne out of a social need and they return much more than the cost to maintain them. A recent study in Edinburgh showed that for every £1 the city spent on parks and greenspaces, the social return was £12.

by The_voice_of_reason on May 07, 2020 at 12:32PM

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