Equestrian exercise

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Many of our equines have been unable to participate in ridden exercise since the lockdown was put in place on 23rd March. Not being exercised in the manner/routine they are used to can have a lasting, detrimental impact on a horses life. Many of us trailer/box our horses to countryside and beaches to undertake that exercise. Most recently the lockdown rules were amended to allow people to travel to said places by car, so long as the exercise time exceeded the travelling time. I emailed police Scotland to confirm if this could apply to us horse owners who would trailer our horse for exercise while practising social distancing (which is relatively easy on horseback) and riding in a safe and sensible manner. I am yet to receive a response. I am waiting with baited breath for Sunday’s announcement in the hope that there will be a relaxation on ‘non essential travel’ which would allow us to return to our regular exercise regime with our equines.

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For the above mentioned reasons relating to equine welfare. Additionally that of rider mental health. Horses have been proven to have scientifically improved the mental health of children, the elderly and autistic.

by SEdgar on May 06, 2020 at 11:13PM

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