Escape from corona

1. Test EVERYONE who is currently working or about to return to work as well as older children and adults returning to education.

2. Ensure that all workplaces provide their staff with appropriate PPE. A face mask being the bare minimum requirement.

3. Make wearing face masks at work and in public mandatory.

4. Carry out regular and routine dissinfection of workplaces, supermarkets, public transport, parks etc.

5. Anyone entering the country by any means should be required to enter a 14 day quaritine period and be tested. ( Even if they’re French)

6. Apply common sense to the situation especially regarding the information you provide regarding meeting family and friends.

Why the contribution is important

It’s important because as someone who works in a warehouse and is currently shopping for both myself and my elderly parents, I’m experiencing the reality of this virus first hand.
Regarding everyone being tested, with so many people either having mild, very mild or no symptoms at all of the virus how are these people supposed to know they have the virus, they don’t they wouldn’t, therefore they’re not aware they need to self isolate and so continue to spread the virus. ( I suspect I’ve had it but with no test available at the time I can’t be sure, I’m also not sure if I’m still carrying the virus and risk transmitting to others)
Regarding workplaces providing appropriate PPE as mentioned I work in a warehouse and whilst my employer has taken steps to TRY to exercise social distancing staying 2 meters away from others at all times is IMPOSSIBLE. Also within the supermarket environment I have witnessed staff members with zero PPE not being able to maintain a 2 meter distance between each or members of the public.
If face masks were mandatory in public then it would facilitate a safer environment for those using public transport and who have to shop for essentials, the current wait in line to enter shops and maintain 2 meters is already a shambles and we’re not even out of lockdown yet (allegedly). I have witnessed old people being denied access to lifts and not allowed to jump the queue, I have witnessed people with mobility problems having to stand for a long time with no access to seating, at most shops there is no shelter from the weather so people will be soaked if it rains by the time they get into the shop. Maintaining a 2 meter distance once in the shops is impossible and the stupid one way systems put people down aisles they don’t need to be down all the while not making social distancing any easier. Despite the country still being in lockdown my last two visits to the supermarkets have involved being their for 1hr 15mins and 2hrs 15mins. I wasn’t buying that much and if i was allowed to just shop as normal i’d have been in and out in 15 mins and 30 mins respectively. I was wearing a face mask on both occassions although many others were not despite it being advised by government.
Dissinfecting workplaces, parks, public transport etc regularly and routinely will help tackle the spread of the virus. Washing our hands a lot is simply not enough to prevent the spread of the virus.
Why anyone coming into the country is not already subject to a 14 day quarintine period is beyond me. This virus is a global pandemic yet for some reason we think people coming in from other countries won’t be carrying the virus and transmitting it with our communities apparently especially if they are French?
Regarding the information provided to the public regarding being able to meet with friends and family. It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that people can go to a park to meet up with a family member as long as they stay 2 meters apart. How can going to a park with lets say 500 strangers be safer than going to sit 2 meters apart in your parents or friends garden? Walk or cycle to work instead of driving or taking public transport? Again absolutely clueless about the actual implications of this on people’s lives most people do not live and have work on their doorstep. Children can return to school because they pose very very very little risk of transmitting the virus among their friends, classmates and staff yet those same children have been told for the past 9 weeks they can’t go and visit their own granny?

by Rammymc on May 11, 2020 at 09:44PM

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