The emphasis on exercise as an approved essential purpose to leave home encourages others, particularly many of those who run, to see their exercise as taking priority over the needs of others. It is not unusual to see runners expect less able and/or elderly walkers to move out of their way. The message that people from the same household can go out to exercise together also leads to distance requirements being ignored when they choose to run in pairs or walk three abreast on pathways. The requirement to stay close to home compounds the problem. The Emphasis should be on distancing being the key requirement for the protection and health of everyone, whatever form of exercise is taken. If restrictions are to continue consideration should be given to separation of areas for those who walk and for those who wish to run, jog or cycle (other than on the road). Exposure to sunlight is important for all - including the disabled or those with limited mobility who also have the disadvantaged of no private outdoor space. Indeed it is acknowledged that sunlight might also have direct benefit in relation to resistance to this coronavirus.

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Lack of exposure to the outdoors affects mental health in the short-term and physical health in the longer term. Those who have limited mobility or other physical disability, and have no garden or accessible private space outdoors, have suffered the greatest additional disadvantage during the lockdown. They should be able to access the outdoors in their neighbourhoods or in parks without the fear of their safety being compromised.

by Josephine on May 11, 2020 at 03:16PM

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