Extend business rates relief to other affected sectors

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Business rates relief should be extended to other sectors affected by the lockdown. The Scottish Government have afforded a full year’s 100% non-domestic rates relief to support the retail, hospitality tourism and aviation sectors during this difficult period for the economy. However, many businesses across the advertising and media sectors are also heavily reliant on footfall and physical public engagement and should considered for business rates relief too.

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The Scottish advertising industry is crucial to Scotland’s economy, employment and the national media. In a study that the Advertising Association published on the Scottish advertising market, we showed that for the £1.7 billion spent on advertising, the contribution to national GDP was £8.8bn – representing 5.6% of Scotland’s economy. Advertising drives product and service competition, innovation and growth. When the Scottish economy begins to recover from the current economic downturn, advertising will be crucial to boosting that recovery process.

by MarkJohnson on May 11, 2020 at 01:04PM

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