Extend Mat Leave by +3 months

Due to the current restrictions around Covid-19 many new and expectant mums have had their pregnancy / early days and weeks with their child turned upside down. The reasons it needs to be extended by 3 months are:- - time lost with new baby outside in the fresh air walking to relieve stress on new mums - disruption to appointments at maternity clinics meaning pregnant women are seen less, this is more risk to both mother and baby. Also the difficulty around no support at these infrequent appointments. - no baby groups for mother/baby to develop a support network and socialisation skills - no interaction with wider family for new babies and to support new mothers getting a break to take care of themselves. Especially single mums who will have endured weeks without any time to properly recover from what could have been a traumatic or complicated birth. - the pressure on some mothers from employers at the beginning of lockdown to go into maternity leave before they actually needed to be. This means some have lost holidays or have to return to work much sooner than they will feel comfortable to do in the not so distant future.

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This matters to us because we are currently parenting a 22 month old, he has been shielding / isolating with my pregnant wife for 6 weeks. I have seen my wife stressed with the restrictions placed upon her to stay home and the lack of regular hospital face to face appointments due to reducing the risk of transmission (which is understandable). We are facing an uncertain time ahead with the birth of our baby as my wife will be admitted to maternity assessment on her own and after the c-section will be alone in the ward (with the exception of minimal partner support which is approx 4-6 hours including birth). Following the birth it will be a different stress and pressure on us as a family to make sure we are shielding our new born baby and will have no family visitors and limited health care interactions.

by lcareyspence on May 08, 2020 at 10:17AM

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  • Posted by Johnh May 08, 2020 at 10:43

    I really sympathise, not least as I'm also taking parental leave for newborn soon. But I don't agree that this particular proposal is the right one. Everyone is suffering from lack of social contact and disruption, what about 2 year olds unable to mix socially or whose doctors appointments are messed up by this, what about 90 year olds in the same situation. As a minor point, those on maternity leave can be furloughed so some will get higher pay than otherwise. Most pregnant women over 28 weeks are also being supported to leave the workplace sooner and without using up maternity leave. I am sorry to hear it's not working out for you guys though, that must be frustrating. I would get on board a suggestion that ALL maternity leave is extended for 3 months for everyone from now on - that's part of the new normal I want to see! Good luck to you both and good wishes to your littleuns.
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