Extend the academic year

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As a P7 teacher, I am curious as to what will be put into place for transitioning pupils. I do feel they need the closure. I suggest a two week return to their current classes in August (I know this is probably not feasible) so that they can adjust back into school life with familiar faces (their peers and current teacher). They could then move up to the next stage in September. Delaying a P1 start for nursery children by a couple of weeks wouldn't do any harm. I have to say, and I speak on behalf of many of my colleagues, that the prospect of teaching in class and online doesn't thrill me. It is unrealistic, would overstretch teachers workload and increase mental health issues. It does annoy me that some people think we should shorten the summer holiday as apparently teachers have had it easy. That is absolute nonsense; if anything I'm working more hours now. I'm still doing my job and don't see why I shouldn't get my annual leave.

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I am a teacher with a P7 class and have had similar discussions with colleagues.

by MISSC on May 06, 2020 at 07:42PM

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