Face Masks for Runners and Cyclists

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If there are more people out it will become harder to stay safe. Speaking as a cyclist, who wears a face mask, I would like to suggest that ALL cyclists should be obliged to do the same especially when on joint paths with pedestrians. Being puffed at, sneezed on (or even spat on) by a passing cyclist is unpleasant and dangerous.

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Because it is clear that some (perhaps those who have only recently taken up cycling and/or running?) appear to have no idea how dangerous it can be to have someone steaming passed you when they are all hot and bothered (and spraying us). Most joint paths do not have 2 metre clearance so it is essential that cyclists and runners make safety adjustments, especially as more folk are venturing out. Facemasks are the most obvious safety measure.

by eileencook on May 07, 2020 at 12:58PM

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