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Remote teaching should be increased but be more focused and teacher led - especially create the opportunity for one to one video links for tutorials between teacher and pupil. This would take the weight of parents especially key workers and those working at home and tap in to the vast teacher at home resource.

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Get more structured and supportive teaching via face to face time (teacher / pupil) instead of group emails. Make much better use of vastly under-utilised expensive teacher at home resource being 100% funded by public purse. Take the weight off parents struggling to work from home and teach kids, especially key workers.

by Kirklistonjohn on May 06, 2020 at 02:19AM

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  • Posted by Rachael May 06, 2020 at 09:39

    This has a number of issues: 1 - Many teachers are also parents, and are homeschooling their own kids whilst working, so like you face the same issues of working from home. 2- 1-1 video time would work for small classes but what about Secondary? Teachers of core subjects (eg Maths) see at least 120 pupils for an average of 5 periods per week, and those who teach practical subjects can teach up to 300 different children per week. For a core subject teacher to give each pupil just 30 minutes (assuming they teach 120 pupils per week) would account to 60 hours of online 1-1 teaching, and that’s without creating, setting and marking work that is handed in or any of the other ‘behind the scenes work’ admin work that goes on.
  • Posted by MSLH May 06, 2020 at 10:01

    This is a good idea, however it isn’t practical in a lot of cases due to large class sizes of around 30 pupils, which in my opinion (and I’m not a teacher) is far too big a number to successfully teach in a classroom situation (Mr Swinney please note) and so clearly wouldn’t work. Even group emails would be preferable to the lack of provision in my local area!
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