I feel those who are meeting up with family and friends from other households will still continue to do so regardless of what measures are added or removed. At the moment I have 2 neighbours who are visited inside and outside the home by children and grandchildren. I’m sure this is happening much more than we’d like to think. Therefore, would it not make sense to allow people to identify even one other home they could visit regularly and create a bubble of 2 homes?

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As many people are ignoring the rules and meeting up anyway, I can’t see how this will be any worse than allowing people to wander around supermarkets, B&M, The Range etc all of which I can do if I wish. It will also alleviate mental health issues which are increasing every day we are kicked down (particularly as those of us with family also in England are seeing them being treated differently). There are 2 types of stress being seen. 1 us grandparents not seeing grandchildren and 2, parents not being given any support from grandparents do leaving them with children to look after 24/7.

by EJBaker on May 11, 2020 at 06:37PM

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