Family contact

Allow a maximum of 4 from same family to visit at risk relatives. Adhering to social distancing

Why the contribution is important

To allow well-being of confined older people to improve . Face to face contact more reassuring than web.

by anncmurray on May 05, 2020 at 01:18PM

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  • Posted by Hgbrooking May 05, 2020 at 13:54

    Allowing one or two family members to visit those at risk providing there is safe distancing and it is outside would be a good idea. Those at risk could decide if they want to do this and take responsibility for themselves. They cannot remain in quarantine endlessly , being fit and healthy but in the over 70 age group I need some human company as this is just an existence! I would not consider going into any place with more than a family member. I do keep in touch by face time and zoom etc, but it’s the human face to face company I need. I don’t want to be put into one age group socially. From people I know and keep in touch with they feel the same. We are not children and can take responsibility. Most people over 70 are sensible and from what I hear keep strictly to the restrictions. It is beginning to make us all angry and frustrated. We need some control over our own health. Sometimes I can hear people in the neighbourhood having friends around and not really distancing. I see the same people going to and fro several times a day.Whilst people like us stay home. I do know how difficult it is, we are not all frail and are getting fed up being all lumped together in the same category. We don’t all join "old peoples “ clubs but a lot of us live alone and are missing our social activities. I think if we could have a family member visit in the garden it would be really helpful and make it more bearable.
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