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I think very slowly lifting lockdown in a way that lets people practice moving around while sticking to distancing rules is a good start. It will also allow data to show if this is causing a problem at a manageable pace. Open healthy educational activities like museums, parks, barbers, garden centers, bowling outdoors, golf, tennis etc. Also small business offices that don't interact frequently with the public.

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I think it's important for a time of adapting gently to a new way of being. To promote healthy activities and to associate that with feeling good. This is an opportunity to get people associating healthy activities with pleasure while allowing monitoring to take place. If the initial steps are manageable over 14 days in terms of new cases then slowly add more things such as barbers, garden centres etc.
Create a new healthier normal by showing what's important step by step.

by Sharon on May 06, 2020 at 10:22PM

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