Financial support for shielding

We are in a very difficult position between protecting the health of the people from COVID 19 against long term damage to the economy and health. Statistically those without underlying health conditions are less likely to become seriously ill or die ( I know unfortunately this is not always the case). We have to think about starting to open up the economy by letting the majority start to get back to work but to carry on shielding the higher risk people. However for those shielding loss of income makes it a difficult choice between protecting health or paying the bills. Therefore I feel it is important that those shielding should either continue to be furloughed for the longer period or receive government support related to income to allow people to continue to shield so that they don`t seriously risk their health

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Allows for the financial protection of those clinically at very high risk. Avoids high risk people of having to choose between serious risk to health or putting food on the table/paying bills.

by moray11 on May 10, 2020 at 12:02PM

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  • Posted by Edward_Borwick May 10, 2020 at 15:19

    I agree with the above the virus is here until cure is found and might be a good idea to build up a herd immunity and reduce loss of life by shielding the people at risk. but it also needs reliable antibody testing to measure the heard immunity and if we know who's all had it there is all that people with antibodies in there blood system that could help people get better?
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