Financial sustainability of the NHS

This will be a controversial idea I am sure but I think going forward to support the financial sustainability of the NHS as well as the potential for growth and development there should be a small charge for some services. I mean a small charge similar to the old prescription charges, £4-5 and this could be done with the previous exemptions for those who cannot pay or have long standing healthcare issues or are over the pension age etc.. or consider making this a voluntary donation, I am not wealthy by any means but I would pay a few pounds to see a doctor. This small charge may also make people think carefully about missing appointments or going for very minor issues. I can see this would be a proposal with a lot of backlash but I think now people realise more than ever how valuable our NHS is.

Why the contribution is important

The NHS is a truly valuable resource which has been underfunded for years. If people can afford a small donation or charge when using NHS services it would make a huge difference to the sustainability moving forward.

by Flugelduck on May 08, 2020 at 07:11AM

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