My idea is quite simply, Fishing
Fishing is a sport enjoyed by who knows how many people in Scotland, and most fisheries, be they for fly fishing or for course fishing, they have their fishing pegs at least 6 to 8 feet apart, course or fly fishing in a fishery is always done on set pegs, and fishing done on rivers, you'll find most people fishing will be more than the standard two metres distance.
Fishing is not only about catching the fish, it's about being outdoors, yes, sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the rain, the main thing being, it's out in the fresh air, yes, you can meet people and have a talk, but still while adhering to the staying safe and keeping your distance.

Why the contribution is important

Fishing gives people the opportunity of meeting old and new friends, fishing is a great way of getting to know people, fishing brings people together, it's a friendly sport where you can enjoy your fishing, while keeping safe, yet still getting to see and talk to other people, even people who are disabled can enjoy fishing, and it gives carers a chance to unwind and relax, and again, it gets people out and about while enjoying the day yet not going up and down high streets possibly passing on the virus

by frederick on May 05, 2020 at 04:43PM

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