Those who enjoy fishing (game, course or Beach fishing) do so usually individually. I enjoy Fly fishing, the closest I am ever to a fellow angler would be at least 30 metres, no where near the 2 metre rule when I am shopping in a supermarket. When I am fishing I am surrounded with fresh air unlike in a supermarket. I do not understand why people are not allowed to get their daily exercise whilst fishing or to that matter playing golf. If we cannot enforce the 2 metre rule either of these sports we need to stop people going to the shop and only allow deliveries.

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There is no better way for me to help clear my head than spending a few hours on a river or loch bank fishing. It helps me to see things in a proper perspective. I am a self employed Driving Instructor who does not qualify for any grants and I am stuck in my house / garden.

by Rocket59GeoffAllen on May 11, 2020 at 02:41PM

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  • Posted by GMPotts May 11, 2020 at 15:40

    Fishing -One of the largest participation sports in the UK and a significant contributor to Scotland's economy- especially the rural economy. This is a sport where social distancing is not only easily achieved - it is a common preference amongst many regular anglers. It is is an important source of outdoor activity and contributes to the physical and mental well being of the participants - and often also that of their spouses too. Low levels of Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) have been identified as a contributory factor in poor Covid 19 outcomes. A day by the water ensures that exposure to the higher levels of natural light experienced and boosts vitamin D levels. Beyond the individual considerations their is a much wider implication for society in continuing to restrict this popular activity. The age profile of many Angling Clubs is in the older age bracket the importance of the social and sporting pursuit to this age group is significant. It helps keep up their activity levels, which greatly assists in keeping the participants as active members of society, so reducing the pressure on health services and facilitating the many useful volunteering roles taken on by the older generations. House bound anglers in their 80's and indeed 90's are in danger of becoming permanently so under these continuing restrictions. Think on.
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