Follow Spain's 4 Stage Exit from Lockdown

There are many important facets for following Spain's 4 stage lockdown exit. A key one is that it is locality or regionally based. Therefore Madrid, Barcelona and similarly highly infected places cannot move out of Stage 0 into Stage 1 until their infection rates are lowered. In Murcia, the infection rate is very low and the chances of being infected are low. In the pre-lockdown stages, people from Madrid were travelling to Murcia and infecting locals. This has stopped due to internal prohibition on movement between regions. In Scotland, you could envisage Glasgow, Edinburgh and Tayside have more stringent conditions to meet compared with the Western Isles, AS LONG AS THERE WAS NO MOVEMENT from outside the low infection area from Glaswegians etc.
The 4 stage conditions are laid out here:

Why the contribution is important

The staged model described above has been widely accepted locally as reasonable, and it provides a clear timetable for when the lockdown will end. The current Scottish process means that we need to tune into Nicola's announcements to see if anything has changed, rather than the de-escalation process being plainly laid out in advance for all to see. At each stage, if there is any increase in the infection rate, then we go back at least 1 stage and start again. This offers reassurance.

by CondadoJohn on May 11, 2020 at 12:16PM

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