Formulate a rational strategy

Stop relying on the publication of dubious statistics on a daily basis, and the dependence on those statistics to maintain the present medieval and hysterical lockdown, which evidently isn't working. Learn from the approaches adopted by countries which have evidently had greater success in managing and suppressing the pandemic; for example, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Sweden. Initiate a rigorous programme of track, trace and isolate for the whole population which can deliver timely and rigorous results to reliably inform interventions. Trust the populace to practice responsible social interaction. Allow businesses to open in a way that ensures responsible and safe commercial interaction. Start rebuilding the structures that were intended to enable the country to cope with the inevitability of such a pandemic, but which have been systematically destroyed by governments over the past decade and a half with the results of that destruction becoming ever more evident with each passing day.

Why the contribution is important

The present "strategy" is evidently not working, either to minimise deaths resulting from Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 infection, nor to manage or suppress deaths; and is doing untold and immeasurable damage to societal fabric, public health, and the economy. It is increasingly evident that there is no political or economic direction being delivered by government, either local, regional or national. If some rational thinking is not applied immediately then the country faces decades of societal and economic depression.

by LeslieSinclair on May 08, 2020 at 07:31AM

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