free compulsory face/hand PPE for all

In the absence of any vaccines to slow/halt the virus, then there is only one way to get the country back to near normal.
That is with free compulsory face/hand PPE for all. In the overall great scheme of things, it is quicker, cheaper and easier to provide these for all - we are an advanced developed nation aren't we? How many cars, razors, lipsticks etc do we produce? We not only minimise risk to ourselves and to others, but also minimise the risk of over-whelming our over-worked NHS staff all over again, who have given so much in protecting us in Round 1 of this pandemic.
But the Govt. couldn't organise PPE for the NHS? Correct. But it now has no excuses as we are several weeks on and so many firms have offerred. Start distributing on a priority basis.

Why the contribution is important

Because it is the quickest and safest way to get back to 'normal' (as near as) in the absence of a vaccine, and protect the NHS from a second wave of Covid patients.

by BiggGrumperz on May 05, 2020 at 05:05PM

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